Journey to a Part-Time Job

This is the most accurate photo of my life right now…


I’m sure y’all remember my September goal of getting a part-time job? And how I didn’t meet that goal despite two interviews and a billion (12) job applications? I went most of October trying not to worry about it…because I can make it on my current salary. Then I remembered that thing called spring tuition. That thing that’s approximately $900 that I will not make enough money to cover by January…so commence part-time job search numero two for the year!

When people say looking for a job is a job, they’re only lightly exagerating. So far this month I’ve applied to thirteen different companies, and to several positions at those companies. Not that I’m bragging (#brag). So far I’ve scheduled one interview. Seems like a lot of work for not a lot of return, right?

So here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Virtually every company has a “Careers” link at the bottom of their website that allows you to search for positional openings by location
  • Major companies are hiring for seasonal employees RIGHT NOW (get on that)
  • Don’t list your starting pay as too high. No, no one is going to pay you a starting rate of $15/hour to be a cashier
  • Revise your resume and MAKE SURE you didn’t accidentally address it to a different company
  • Have your information gathered before you start an online application. It may want the contact information from your previous five jobs, it may want your addresses from the last ten years
  • And on that note, some of them have these huge questionaires to fill out, so be prepared to spend up to an hour on an application based on what the needs of the company are. How do you feel about that statement? Agree, Completely Agree, Strongly Disagree, … (okay I’m done)

In the end, this is going to be one of those things that y’all should cross your fingers for me…but also if you’re going through this yourself, persistence, creative job searching (try to think of companies and peruse their sites, ask your friends, just ask the cashier at your favorite store, etc), and most of all patience, are going to be your bff Rose.


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